• Adding the word "step" before "brother" or "sister" means that one of your parents had a child from a previous relationship. It implies that the "step" child is not biologically related to one of the parents. My ex had three children when I met her, so all three of them are my "step-children," although I never think of them that way.
  • "Traditionally, a stepfamily is the family one acquires when a parent enters a new marriage, whether the parent was widowed or divorced. For example, if one's mother dies and one's father marries another woman, the new woman is one's stepmother. The counseling slogan "Stepfamilies are born out of loss" applies to such a case. In modern stepfamilies, there is recognition that the biological parents may never have married. Unless one biological parent of a stepchild is deceased, typical nuclear stepfamilies do not live in one house, consisting of three or more parents, biological and otherwise. It is also possible, in a less strict sense, that the new mate chooses the role of full- or part-time caregiver without marital commitment. However, it is generally understood that after a "child" reaches adulthood, a parent's subsequent marriage cannot create a stepparent relationship without the adult "child's" express written consent. In a simple stepfamily, only one stepparent has a prior child or children. Usually this is thought of in terms of minors, but the children of a stepfamily can also be adults. Stepbrothers and stepsisters exist in a blended, or complex stepfamily. In any case, any subsequent children fathered through the new marriage are one's half-siblings instead of stepsiblings, being related through one blood line, that of the one biological parent. Having a new child does not change the identity of a stepfamily, nor does legal stepchild adoption." Source and further information:
  • when a parents marries someone with children, then theyre your step siblings
  • If your parents divorce then remarry other people who already have children, those kids become your step-siblings. If the parent has a child with their new partner, that child is your half-sibling.

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