• Your owners manual should answer all your questions.
  • if i'm not mistaken my toyota matrix has that's for the tire pressure...but yes, the owner's manual can definitely tell you what that is...
  • I believe that is the "check engine" light. One common cause for this is not making sure the gas cap is on securely after filling the tank. Remove the cap & then put it back on (making sure to turn it at least 3 rotations..hearing the click each time). If that doesn't do the trick..take it in to a mechanic & they can hook it up to a diagnostic machine (sometimes for little or no charge). If the red light comes on or the car "knocks" or "bucks"..pull off the road immediately & contact your mechanic. Hopefully, it's nothing major. Good luck.
  • That sounds like the tire pressure warning. Required since 2008 in the US. Check your tires.

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