• im arachnophobic i'll get a pillow and take it to the couch. i won't sleep in my room
  • There is no way I could be in the same room, let alone sleep :-p
  • I'll scream for my dad!! Unless he's gone to bed already!! Then I'll sleep on the couch!! No way would I want to sleep in the same room of an acknowledged one!! I wouldn't mind sleeping in a room with one if I didn't know it was there!!!
  • A few months ago, I would have said it prevents me from sleeping. This summer, I have decided to embrace the bugs and insects. Mosquitoes, spiders, moths, bees...they will not bring me down! :)
  • If he's out of the way, he's fine:-)
  • That would be a dead spider before my head hit the pillow.
  • I see how that could be bothersome... I personally, have spiders all over my house. They eat the mosquitos, and beetles, and moths that get into my home. They dont bother me. If I do see a poisonous spider, we have those here too, I kill it, before it kills me.
  • It depends. If it is venomous then I would want it out. Ohterwise, no big deal.
  • Oh my goodness. I am up, startled, looking crazy, and hopefully armed with some sort of spider killer!!!
  • Oh heck no... I would so not be near that spider! LOL. I am such a girl when it comes to spiders... I even get my husband to take care of them. :p
  • I am terrified of spiders. One ran across my keyboard last week. Even after I carefully dusted the entire area with a feather duster, I was uneasy the rest of the day. A friend of mine told me we are never more than 6 feet away from a spider, so if they stay at least that far, I can sort of tolerate them, as long as I can't see them.
  • I would catch it, and let it loose in the hall way
  • As long as it isn't huge and fuzzy, I wouldn't really care. But if it was a roach....... I wouldn't be in the same room! : D
  • I would get up, chase the spider kill it and make sure it is dead. Then pick it up and throw it in the bathroom. I could never sleep knowing there is a spider around. Regards.
  • I would definatly have to find it before I could go to sleep. I wouldn't kill it, I would probably pick it up with a tissue or whatever is handy, and release it outside. I remember a few years back, my sister was bitten by a spider while she was sleeping, and awoke the next morning to find her neck was swelled up so much she could hardly swallow. So I guess, there are some that can give a nasty bite.
  • Sorry, but I'm up all night, until I find that spider -- and spray every inch of my house in case there might be another one.
  • Where I live, we only have two types of poisonous spiders. If it wasn't either one, I'd roll over and go to sleep and call him a pet. If he's still there in the morning, he's a dead pet.
  • Sleep. A spider bite is nothing more than a zit that itches more than hurts.
  • i would kill the spider first...
  • I would not bother me in the least, small spiders in UK are ver rarely poisonous, and it wont cause any harm. I know it is said that people can eat spiders in their sleep, but so what - i expect there better for you than hot dogs, and its his own fault for going in my mouth! hahah
  • The spider would have to go away before I could sleep. Preferably away to the netherworld.
  • id rather have a spider, im working right now on getting rid of bedbugs

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