• No... women who own cats get pregnant and have normal pregnancies all the time. There are old wives tales about cats doing harm to babies, but that's all they are. There is nothing about a cat which should affect your pregnancy adversely... ;-)
  • ...just don't touch the kitty litter. he brought it home, that can be his job. :)
  • Kitties and babies are a perfectly safe combination. Just be sure to take the kitty to the vet to get all its shots and make sure it is healthy. Avoid changing the litter pan as another answerer said, and you should all just be fine! :) Suzanne
  • This kitten will pose no health risk to you or your baby. Have this kitten tested for feline AIDS and feline Lukemia before you get too attached, as it is relatively common in feral cats. It is wonderful to welcome a homeless pet into your life. I wish you the best of luck. And YES, don't touch the litter or clean the kitten's rear end. Your partner should do those jobs. Good luck and congratulations on both baby and kitty!
  • i doubt it, people have cats around all the time when they have babies around

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