• go do something that would make the world a little bit better- volunteer at the local food kitchen or something.
  • 100 MANIAC Things to do when you're bored: 1. Pretend to be a person in the street trying to sell the BIG ISSUE magazine. 2. Video yourself doing a silly dance to a song then watch it after and laugh. 3.Try pulling funny faces until you find a funny one that makes you laugh. 4. Pretend that you are a posh person and for the rest of the day do everything poshly. 5.Turn your room into a theme park by making different rides using items in your room. 6.Try to juggle with three items. 7. try to make yourself go purple. 8. Spin around until you get really dizzy. 9. Put on loads of coats, scarves, jumpers ect until you get really warm. 10. Make up a song and video it. 11. Write a playscript then act it out. 12. make a list of all your friends. 13. Text every contact saying Hi. 14. Start a chainmail on email and send it to all your contacts. 15. Go through a magazine and cut out pics of things you like and put them up in your room or in a special book. 16. Write a random story. 17. Look at your primary school work. 18. Pretend to faint. 19.Pile up all your stuffed toys in the middle of a room then jump in them. 20. Play noughts and crosses with yourself. 21: make your own board game to play with a friend. 22. Dress up like a fool in completely random clothes then dance to a song. 23. Open your window and yell out of it,''Bogies!'' 24. Act as if you are really angry. 25. Talk to yourself in the mirror. 26. make a play with your stuffed toys. 27. Draw some new inventive hairstyles on a piece of paper. 28. Make loads of paper aeroplanes and race them. 29. Play a song on your CD player over and over again until you get mad with it. 30. Kiss random things in your room. 31. Pretend to throw up. 32. Create an everlasting story on Microsoft Word. 33. Type in ''Things to do when you're bored'' on youtube. 34. Make a list of all the things you like. 35. Play truth and dare with a friend. 36. Steal loads of food from your fridge and try to eat it all. 37. Wrap up random things inside your room. 38. Try to do a hundred press ups. 39. Dance until you are out of breath. 40. Do the soulja boy. 41. Pretend to try a fly. 42. Make an X factor Comp with your teddies. 43. On the computer, make a fake advertisement for a Gardener and put it out in the porch. Later, find out if your parents think it is real! 44. Invent a new kind of sweet. 45. Write a diary entry about your day today. 46. Pretend to sacrifice a stuffed toy. 47. Have a Language party where you listen to foriegn music and translate foreign writing! 48. Make a chipmunk song by fast fowarding the song. 49. Try to make yourself laugh so hard that you wet yourself. 50. Make your own MSN conversation on Microsoft Word. 51. Stare at a wall. 52. Put a sign up outside your house saying ''Brother/siter for sale'' 53. Throw a tomato outside your window and watch where it lands. 54. Try to describe a random word without hesitating or repeating. 55. Go into your bathroom and play pirates. 56. Think of 100 excuses for not doing your homework. 57. Create a club penguin account and make a video of your penguin. 58. Draw a banana. 59. Make random noises that nobody has heard before. 60. Slap yourself until you get hurt. 61. Pretend that you are persuading your parents to let you do something strange. 62. Stand on the toilet for ten minutes. 63. Pretend to look around your room as iff it has just turned into Narnia. 64. Pretend to try and catch butterflies. 65. Try and make that farting noise with your hands and mouth (I can do it XD). 66. Pretend to sing like mad. 67. Make up a game and play it. 68. Type in teachers name on facebook and add all your teachers! 69. Brush your teeth for ten minutes. 70. try to balance as many spoons on your face as you can. 71. Talk to a wall. 72. Act like a spoilt toddler. 73. Light a fire and blow it out. 74. Pretend you are running away from yourself. 75. Put loads o signs on your bedroom saying,''Beware! don't enter!'' 76. Medidate. 77. Try to break a CD (one that you don't use anymore). 78. Hold a note for as long as you can. Keep trying until you get a record! 79. Try to fall asleep. 80. Practice your boxing on a pillow. 81. Make up random words and say them! 82. Watch random videos on youtube! 83. Type as fast as you can. 84. Make a mixture of all the liquids in your bathroom then put it in a bottle and name it (your name)'s secret bath lotion. 85. Post a video onto youtube of you doing the most random things ever. 86. Walk around your room without walking on the floor. 87. try to learn a new language then impress your mates. 88. Try to learn an instrument without lessons. 89: make a sale of the most random things ever outside your house. 90: Make a magazine called ''Random''. 91: Listen to your least fave songs over and over again. 92. Do a book reveiw. 93. Eat crisps with yoghurt. 94. Make a random piczo site. 95. Turn your room into a pretend classroom. 96. List all the swear words you know. 97. Make a machine out of things from the bin. 98. Pretend to be a presenter on a children TV programme (eg. Mr Tumble) 99. try to do the splits! 100. Make up a video called,''What to do when you're bored?'' Hope this helped :) !!!
  • USFUL THINGS TO DO WHEN YOU ARE BORED: 1/ Do your homework. 2/ Send your best mate(s) texts saying hi. 3/ Put some music onto your IPOD. 4/ Record ringtones from the internet onto your phone. 5/ Go on 6/ Listen to a nursery rhyme and sing along to it. 7/ Hold your breath for as long as you can and time yourself. I can hold it for 1 minute 18 seconds. 8/ Go on online stopwatch and see how long it takes to do certain things. 9/ Go on RayTheFox's Youtube account and try to learn the Scottish accent.
  • put a long piece of tape on the floor and spin around in circle till ur reallly dizzy then try to walk a straight line on the tape its really fun but really hard!!!
  • you grab a stuff animal(has to be small) and you run up and the side walk yelling pussy come back. You get some crazy looks and its really funny
  • Open your window and throw an egg to a person passing by. But not to the head!

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