• I wouldn't say it hurts, its just annoying.
  • not hurt at all i just think 'damn i thought that was a good one' but i dont get emotionally invested in something so silly
  • No. Don't worry about it too much. Sometimes people just forget. I forget to give points sometimes and go back and do it.
  • No, at least they answer you. Sometimes we forget, or they are new. Don't worry about the no pts, it's those DR's for NO reason that gripe my big toe!!!!!!:):) Oh my goodness.........+5 LOL:):)
  • well it wouldn't be fair IF it rly is a good answer
  • The day I take AB as seriously as that, is the day I find a new hobby.
  • I rarely check. I also rarely give a good answer.
  • No..some people simply ask questions for the points and couldn't care less about the answers. I don't know why someone would go to the trouble of commenting and then no give points. I imagine some forget, I have on occasion.
  • Nope, not at all..just as I don't get hurt if someone downrates me. Usually the reason I don't get points is because my friends have run out of them, having used their quota just as I run out of points for them because I've used up my quota..that always happens when friends support friends. As for people who comment and don't give points, when I was a newbie I was trying to figure out how AB worked and I have discovered to my horror that on many occasions I commented but neglected to give points..only when an old question comes around again and I check out the responses do I realize that! A mistake of ignorance, not willfully unkind! So I expect that is true of others as well! :)
  • no, not really. Things tend to even out on the site.
  • Not really, but it irks me when they ask for an opinion then down rate with an explanation. Well, maybe not even irk. I guess I'm getting numb.
  • I aim to rate good answers... don't really care myself
  • I'll let you know....
  • Have you considered that maybe you aren't answering the questions "really well"?
  • well nop, coz i can rate my answer as well or really well it just depend upon the other person hmm do u like it?
  • I can't say that I hate it but I really like comments because it shows that the person asking the question read your answer. Comments are something that I work at on all of my questions.
  • it does get alittle annoying....because then i feel like no one is reading it and no one cares =/

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