• Phoenix, Arizona is a good bet. Lots of options for physical activity, friendly folks & a soft market make it a good investment. The area grows a lot of native Australian plants too since the two areas have similar environments.
  • Colorado is a really beautiful state, very low humidity, great schools, very friendly people, great weather most of the year
  • Ohio..there are foreclosed homes everywhere. And cheap:) But the weather is a little harsh. Nothing like Australia. We don't have the ocean, but we have a lake!:)
  • Colorado has a great standard of living and has quite beautiful weather if you're looking to move or visit often. Also, in addition to the housing market taking a dive there has been a severe economic recession in Michigan, where half million dollar houses are going for as little as $200-$300k USD. Many have hit foreclosure. Since the owners were trying to sell, they are often in prime condition. You can get a lot of house for your money.

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