• i'm not sure, but hand soap is harmful for dog's hair. I washed my pomeranian with hand soap and some hair turned white =(
  • If thrown hard enough, yes.
  • I dunno, be safe and go with baby soap.
  • Yes, it strips too much natural oils from the cat's fur. The harmful part, however, is primarily the injuries that cat will cause to anyone who attempts washing it.
  • In what way? Are you talking about if they ingest it or you bathe them in it? If they swallow it yes very harmful call the vet or poison control. If you bathe them in it then no as long as it is Dawn dishsoap. You will see ads on TV all the time talking about Dawn and wildlife. Dawn is used to remove oil from birds and wildlife that get caught in oil spills. It will clean them up and not kill them. And despite what you hear it has never been used to kill fleas. Thats an urban legend. You can also use baby shampoo on cats if you must bathe a cat. Unless it has a problem then bathing a cat is not required or suggested.
  • it could be, ask the vet

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