• not. Imagine the inflation it would bring :S
  • is this a serious question?
  • No. Inflation would skyrocket and our economy would collapse.
  • We do print our own money. Its called a check. It doesnt look like money. It can be of your own design. Its backed by the money in your checking account. Its the same as printing your own money.
  • Money is a promise: a promise to deliver value on demand. Nobody should be allowed to make promises they cannot keep. So, to keep cash "real", the government would have to regulate all genuine promise-makers to ensure that they were making they could keep, and no-one was making promises on behalf of other people (i.e. forging). That would involve *a lot* of work and heavy intervention - but if it were not done, money would become worthless, which would be a serious loss. Costs: high. Benefits: I can't see any.
  • Other posters are exactly right. Even if printing your own money WAS legal, it would cause abominably high levels of inflation (devaluation of currency). Currency is like any other commodity, it is largely based on the economic principles of supply and demand. The less physical currency there is, the more value it tends to have.
  • It would be difficult to tell which is counterfeit if we did! "Hey, you copied my design! No you did! Wait, I didn't print this! ..."
  • I don't see why not. I mean anything I print off my computer has the same value as anything that is backed by the Federal Reserve...
  • No. As how can you "print" your own money when you have no access to the materials, resources and backing?

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