• From what I read it sounds like a relay problem. The relays are in a black box up under the dashboard and to the right of the steering column. There is a strip of black tape on it that you have to peel off. The window relay is at the top on the left. For reference, there should be a large relay at the bottom of the set of relays. That is for your ignition tone. The relay costs about $8.00, buy it from autozone or advance auto and return it if it is not your problem.
  • the power window/ 4wd-4lo blinking lights issue was fixed with one relay located to the right of the gas pedal, behind the stereo. There is a black case, take the cover off. it should have 7 relays<one bigger,square><7 smaller,rectangle> the one sqare is called two names by ford. 1. the power window relay 2. accessory relay the autoparts stores will give you a replacement 'rectangle' if you ask for a power window relay. you have ask for, or remove, the accy. relay, to enter factory numbers to cross-reference. plug in

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