• Ask a troll.
  • in a social situation, usually hanging around and just listening, never saying anything.
  • Stalking.
  • it's like someone is always there, wherever you turn, there they are, lurking in the background, lurking in the halls, lurking, about, everpresent (if you say "lurking" enough times it doesn't sound like a word). There's also a sneakiness about it--like they don't want to be seen , but they are....lurking
  • Something that seems to happen a lot around here..especially on the weekends as my DRs seem to indicate!
  • In internet lingo terms, Lurking is being online without displaying it on your instant message device. Most instant message programs Like AIM or Messenger log you as being available as soon as you log into your computer and connect to the internet. If you go into Lurk mode then you can see who else is on, but they can't see that you are online. Of course they might be lurking too. In which case everyone is hiding from the IM program.
  • Walking slowly and hiding in the bushes. or creeping through the swamp.
  • I second The Dean's answer. I'll also add that for message boards (such as AB), lurking means reading the site, but not participating actively in the conversations.
  • That word conjures up images of a stalker or voyeur.
  • A Peeping Tom is a Lurker..someone who is afraid to come out into the sunshine..who lives on the periphery of life..sneaking peeks at bits and pieces of the lives of others..often gazing/glancing/staring at private moments of others that should be kept private and not encroached upon by lonely/needy/desperate eyes!
  • I was lurking here because of my experiences at Yahoo! Answers. I wanted to see if it was ok here. So lurking is just hanging around and reading but not joining in.
  • I did some of that when I joined AB. I wanted to see what questions were asked and what kind of answers were given and then the reactions. I just read and scrolled and clicked without writing anything. I do very little of that now. I answer lots of questions, make lots of comments and ask a few questions now and then. Lurking in any situation is hanging around and listening and seeing without drawing attention to yourself.
  • what im doin here!
  • Hiding in the shadows listening and waiting like a coward.
  • Lurking is what this website needs MOAR of. When you are new to a forum, you are encouraged to "lurk moar." You do this by not posting immediately, but instead just observe the goings on of the site for a week or two. This is to avoid too many clueless assholes ruining it for everyone.
  • Well, I was going to say that it means just quietly wandering, such as "he lurked in the streets at night", but considering that the question is in the internet lingo category, then Allison is right.
  • Hello. Hope you are fine. spying on people online, while you remain invisible Thank you.
  • google is real easy to use
  • Lurking is the very common practice of reading an online or e-mail discussion without taking part in the discussion. Most visitors to discussions on Web sites, Usenet groups, e-mail discussion groups, Internet Relay Chat channels, or bulletin board systems understandably spend much more time reading or "listening" than writing or "speaking." What this term seems to imply in its usage is that some people benefit a great deal from a discussion without ever offering to enrich it with their own information or ideas. It is well understood and accepted, however, that there will always be lurkers in any discussion. And people new to a discussion are sometimes advised to lurk until they become familiar with the discussion.

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