• In most societies all over the world teachers are hired by the community to teach the children.( An exception is private schools). The reason the pay is so low is because the community opts to pay the teachers at that low rate and the teachers opt to accept it. Unfortunately, it is market forces that keep pay scales for teachers low.
  • As a teacher I love your reasonning! As for the reason, I don't really know....I suppose that teaching to read, write and count is not as important as teaching open-heart surgery.....
  • Most teachers, up to high school level at least, are hired to teach a wide range of subjects to a not very deep level. This level of detail by itself is not sufficent for people to get a job in those areas, so to become a practising doctor, etc., requires a lot of additional study, teaching and experience. This level of expertise takes time, and time = money. Just my opinion, of course.

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