• ...bad for many teen's what? That apostrophe is kind of confusing.
  • Bad for teen's...eyes? I'm sure many hours of gameplay would do that. But no. WoW is not bad for teens. Bad people who play the game are.
  • I think that it depends on the parent and how much ur kid plays video games. I think that if you let your kid sit around and play all day it can be very bad. I have seen people lose their jobs over it, now that is brutal. I play but if I had a hold of it when I was a teenager I proably would have never left my house and become anti-social. So ya it can be bad unless you know how to turn it off.
  • Yes its bad, i started playing when i was almost 16 about 6 months before tbh. By the time i turned 16 i had gotten expelled from school becuase i didn't want to make the decision to leave. I spent 8 months playing wow aprox 18 hours a day. Throughout those 8 months no-one got a response out of me whilst i was on the computer.I didn't eat dinner with my family for that period of time and i would sit up for days on end playing. I remember when Burning Crusade came out, one of the expansions, i spent 9 days without sleep becuase i wanted to play so bad. Eventually my parents just removed the computer from the house, i went insane and have been in anger managment ever since. in short, its bad if its not controlled. but for christ sake don't suffocate it. its not a 5 min game and if you put extremly strict time limits on it then its just a waiste of money imo. My advice is to not let them play it during the week and only allow it to be played on the weekend. Make them focus on the school work and it is a great way to take control. Hence, "if you get in any trouble this week no computer".
  • I think warcraft really isn't that bad. You should only really be concerned if the teen involved has an addictive personality. Do they easily get hooked on trends, or caffeine? Do they do anything obsessively? If so, you may want to steer them away from it, or at least make sure that it does not interfere with schoolwork, etc.
  • As a parent, I don't think it's bad to my teen. I see that he has been developing skills by grinding gold, questing and mingling to his guild mates. Btw, I bought that account and there a reward system goes, everytime he got the highest score in his class we'll [url=]buy wow gold[/url] for him. And it's effective so far.
  • as a teen ,i do not think it i bad , if you can control yourself well ! Yeh! for Games, Inc. is an American company that helps you get levels and PvP gear on World of Warcraft. 1. If you want to level faster, Power Leveling: 2. If you need PvP Honor Points: 3. If you want Arena Gear: 4. If you need help running Instance Dungeons:
  • In my opinion, only if they have a bunch of other priorities.

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