• This year it seems to rain every other day. Very frustrating. Also, due to typhoons, the rain comes sideways a lot.
  • In certain seasons, (spring) the sand from China's desert blows over here in Japan where I'm currently living. The rain picks it up and coats your car with a yellow film when this happens.
  • Our weather can be adversely affected by an ocean phenomenon called La Niña, or it's opposite, El Niño
  • well where i live, we are in the middle of a drought, so we hardly ever have rain. Sometimes we joke "hey whats that? Oh its rain, rain?" or "whats green grass?" haha
  • Some times I forget and park under a tree then my car is full of bird crap. and I can't wait till it rains. But I have an ugly truck that has never been washed. when I had sports cars I would be pissed. I would baby my sport cars, my truck gets me from A to B but if I catch someone pissing on it i just get in and drive away.
  • We can get hailstorms that can rip up one street and leave the next untouched. Our street got hit about 15 years ago. Every western window was knocked out by hailstones as large as golf balls. And then there were these ones like knives that stuck in the ground. It was horrific.
  • Nothing unusual about rain in Belgium except it WON'T STOP LOL!

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