• I don't think it does. That's just the flavor of the toothpaste as far as I know.
  • There was a study that Cinnamon killed 99% of E.Coli it came in contact with. Cinnamon and honey (great tea combo) are known for their antibacterial properties. Cinnamon gum, according to a study in Britain, was shown to kill oral bacteria. So... chew away!
  • NOTHING can kill 100% of oral bacterial, even mouthwash. Besides, you wouldn't want to kill normal flora. They perform an important job of protecting your gums and teeth from infection by opportunistic, and possibly harmful, organisms.
  • Cinnamon is antibacterial. What difference does it make how as long as it does? No one really knows how medicine works just that it does. "You don't have to understand here to be here."
  • It's cheaper than having dental work done that's for sure.

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