• Yes. It is rather agitating too. Someone just blatantly accuses you of something you didn't do. It is aggravating too.
  • No, but was the person to accuse someone before i new all the facts. Not a good thing to do believe me..check out your facts first
  • Many times
  • yes, a friend of mine saw me speaking to his girlfriend and came up and accused me of seeing her behind his back. I wasn't but his girlfriend soon dumped him for being to insecure
  • A number of times. Even when the culprits were obvious, I got no amends.
  • Sure.I've also been accused of things I've wanted to do.
  • Yes and it something I do not take very well.
  • Yes, I've also not been accused of doing things I did do.
  • Nothing big, just small nonsense kind of stuff, but it is still really irritating!
  • Yes, and in one case, the accusations were quite serious. However, I know the truth, and that is all that matters. I cannot control what others think or believe.
  • ya my brothers always do that to me....and that has happened at school where they acussed me of being the one who put a fruit cup in the toilet in the girls bathroom and flooding it
  • Yeah, back when I was 16, I slept a lot for 4 months, and never really got up to eat, I really didn't understand what I was going through, but I was really tired, and I happen to lose 40 pounds in that time,(nice!!) and my step-mom assumed I was on drugs and told all my aunts and uncles that I was, when really I wasn't. That really hurt my feeling knowing when I was 16 my truth didn't matter and seem not to mean a thing when they believed her over me.
  • Plenty of times.
  • i swear the check's in the mail, and i didnt cum in your mouth
  • A middle aged woman who was a customer at our store told the manager that I made her uncomfortable because I was 'looking up and down her body'. Well, it was good to know that at least she thought of herself as still being a head turner. It was kind of freaky to think that I could have been fired from such an easily fabricated accusation. Luckily both the manager and I agreed that the customer was a little odd.
  • I was molested as a child, and I was accused of knowing enough about sex at eight ~ That I wanted my brother sexually ... According to my mother, he wasn't to blame, I was.
  • Yes and it's so frustrating that I haven't eaten lunch yet. I dont think I want to and it sucks cause the person falsely accusing me is the person who actually did it. Now he's made me talk to my mum and tell her that I did it... and that f*cken kills me cause I'm trying to be mellow about it but he's taking it too far... Oh and the 'he' I'm referring to is my supposedly older brother... F*cken lazy and I can't stand him anymore!!!
  • probably at some point but i cant remember exactly what
  • Many times

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