• Mrs Angel, my very first teacher (who also taught my 3 kids.) She was an angel by name and nature. Mr Till, dishy and a great teacher at Junior school, who I am still in touch with after 40 years (and he still looks great!) Sorry but I have to name a third... Mr Chadwick secondary school teacher, wonderful guy who we all admired and respected. He always called all of us by our nicknames. Ahhhh fond memories.
  • Yes, more than two. From K-12 I would say two of the best were Mrs. Nelson (She tought photography, journalism and was the Yearbook and Newspaper advisor.), and Mr. Eddington, my 5th grade teacher.
  • Miss third grade teacher..she saw to it that I skipped several grades because she thought I was getting bored. Dr. Philosophy professor in Junior College..he really caused us to stretch our minds and think outside the box before it was even popular to do so!
  • (Glaswegian) = Mr Hutcheson (Brazilian) = Miss Deighton (my 75-star girl from 27 Nov 74 to 21 Dec 79)
  • Janet Ramos, fourth grade teacher at Williams Elementary School, and Richard Spain, world history and psychology teacher, Whittier Union High School.
  • Mrs. gramer schole speling teacer. Miss high school art teacher...who also thought she was my sex ed teacher. She always gave me "A's"! All :-)'s
  • Yes I can! 1) 1960/61 in 1st grade = Mrs. Rowe, and 2) '68/69 in 3rd grade = Juvenile Probation Officer Smith. - A 'shout out' to both! [BTW: I'm finally being released from the Pelican Bay SHU here, processed thru' Folsom, then into the new "Thirteenth ('Baker's Dozen') Felony Offender's Program for Helpless, Hopeless Recidivists" in early 2025! Keep those packages comin'! Thx!] - ;-)
  • Mr. Carr, and Mrs. Hatchett
  • Mr o'Hanlon and Mr Mackay who were both English teachers, awsome at what they did.
  • Of course! (Maybe even three)
  • I left school in 1963 and I can remember most of their names. Mr Baker taught Geography and Mr Ramsden taught Physics.
  • Mrs. Gonzales..English teacher my freshman and junior year and Sister Therese..she was my bio and chem teacher..she was nuts but a great teacher

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