• I would like to start a compost heap, but it might attract rats, cockroaches and fire ants, so it goes to the landfill unfortunately.
  • landfill, but i always seperate my recycled trash from my trash trash. I like to help somehow.
  • Neither, I put it out for the trash man. I have no idea what they do with it!!!!!!!!:):)
  • Landfill b/c it's right down the road from me; but we recycle everything we can, give a lot of our food scraps to the dog, and anything from nature that our dog won't eat we either put in the garden as compost or put it in the woods behind our house.
  • We let the garbage men take it away to a landfill. We should compost it, since we have a big garden and my wife does a lot of gardening in the summer. I guess we're too lazy. :(
  • I composted before I got married, but the beagle she brought to the marriage as her dowry would dig and eat the good stuff like watermelon rinds. I mulch when I mow, so no grass clippings, and throw the minor misc yard waste in the dirt pile to improve the dirt. The neighbor takes the excess branches for his backyard "Chiminia" and has the kids over for s'mores, so I don't generate a whole lot. I've thought of getting one of those kits to build a rectangular wooden compost bin and put in on the other side of the fence where the new beagle can't get it.
  • Where I live we have four seperate bins. One for thrash, one for glass, one for plastics and cans, and one for compost. The city actually collects our food waste and yard clippings and has several compost heaps that the use in the local parks.
  • We have 3 bins and 2 bags. 1 bin is all things that can be recycled (glass, plastic, cans). 1 bin is garden waste and cardboard, for composting, and then it is used by the council. 1 bag is for paper and the other is for clothes, which are given t charities. 1 bin is all other things, and i think that is incinerated, because there is a large incinerator in our county. Hope this is helpful :)
  • Landfill for me. Composting smells a bit.
  • Rickster will be happy to know that I make the effort to compost ... Actually it's easier for me than most as I live on a farm and what is not turned to mulch via a worm farm compost, I feed to the chooks ... Easy!
  • I read up on composting a few years ago when the gardening bug bit me. Some of the composters can get expensive, yet I learned that I could make my own composter by buying a large metal gargage can and poking holes in the can. There are more ways to make homemade composters. The only compost that I have now is a very large pile of leaves on the side of my property by the woods. Yet, just leaves alone without other organic material wouldn't qualify for good compost -- at least I don't think they would. I'd be interested in seeing the answers to your question.:)
  • Composting is a good idea, but living in an apartment makes it unfeasible.
  • In a sense, both, because my city (Toronto, Canada) has a compost program. The compost (it's called the "organics bin") is picked up every week, whereas the recycling and garbage are alternated. To be honest, I don't know what the city do with the compost! It has cut down drastically on the amount of garbage I throw out, though. (I have a rabbit who, between litter material and fresh vegetable scraps, fills almost an entire "kitchen-catcher" sized bag a day.)
  • The garbage goes in the garbage disposal; trash is sorted into bins for the disposal trucks to pick up. I live in a townhouse, so could compost but don't know what I'd do with it.

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