• Don't drown them..If they have extra toes it could mean they are polydactyl..I think I spelled that wrong but they don't need to die, people will take them if you dont want them :)
  • A 'normal' kitten would have 5 on each paw - the fifth can be smaller and further up the leg than the other four. If the kitten has more than this, it could be six, or rarely 7 on each paw, it is called a poly-dactyl. If this is the only thing 'wrong' with the kitten, it is not a problem at all. I had one of the cats for years and he was a wonderful kitty. Please do not drown or get rid of any kittens before consulting a vet.
  • I take it that the parents of the kittens are closely related. I shouldn't worry too much. Cats and dogs, indeed most animals do not have the same problems with inbreeding as humans do (and humans have a lot less that people think). In the wild, animals don't know what relationship they are to each other, so inbreed all the time. Occasionally you might get a problem kit or two, but most are normal. Their DNA is different from ours. Think of those who breed animals for a living. My sister does, and she showed me the lines of her dogs. They are horrifically inbred, yet they are fine animals.
  • drown them because they toes is messed up ?
  • Let's not drown them. LOL!
  • No, it is not necessary to destroy inbred cats. Just make sure you have them neutered, so they won't breed any problems on down the line. Kittens usually have four lower toes on each paw, and an upper toe on each paw. There are many healthy cats with six or more digits.
  • the only problem my cat had when she had inbreed kittens, was clift plate or palit not sure how it's spelled, they usually die on there own or the mamma cat eats them.
  • whoa! approaching Michael Vick land here...........lets not drown them...ok
  • Hey don't listen to whoever told you that! A lot of cats, purebred and feral are interbred to some degree or other....we're not talking human genetics here, animals are able to deal with this. Toes don't matter a long as they are not brain damaged or blind or disabled in some critical way you will get homes for them never fear. Please, please no drowning or any type of killing!
  • If they're mixed with Maine Coon cat, more toes are a probability.
  • What is wrong with you??!! Why would anyone drown an animal?? That is such cruelty! Would you wanna be drowned...OMG!
  • Don't kill them!

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