• Yes, but not via wireless. Now, I've never tried this, but you can bridge 2 WAPs together by patching them through a switch or router. Theoretically, you could patch them together - I'm just not sure whether it would need a straight-through or crossover cable. The question I have is....... why? Why not just have the 2nd PC connect wirelessly to same WAP?
  • Yes you can. If you are using WEP encryption, or if both access points are Apple Aiports you can use WPA.. but anyway, I digress. The technology is called WDS. If you log into your access point there should be a setting for it. Choose one access point as the host, the other as the secondary. On the host, input the wireless MAC address of the secondary (usually on a label on the underside of the unit) and then on the secondary tell it to connect to the host wireless MAC address. bam. Now the secondary access point is an extension of the first. Oh also set the SSID and encryption to be the same on both. They can (and should) be on different channels though. Sorry if that was incoherent, I'm a bit tired.

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