• No. I don't think that they realize, but why being hurt.........
  • No, unfortunately many people do not realize this. It is obnoxious. I think most of these people are jealous people who are over-weight and think the world revolves around their own weight problems but don't want to take responsibility for themselves, so they try to point at others and make them feel abnormal. Just because you are skinny doesn't mean you are anorexic or bolemic or under-nourished. It just means you aren't fat.
  • I know it hurts, but this society has come to hate overweight more than underweight. So it's easy to ignore that.
  • In Western society skinny is good.
  • no, most don't realize, myseld included at times. I have a friend that I'm beginning to get very worried about. Every time I see her, she's skinnier. Over the past few years, I've noticed her eating habits. How very little she actually eats, and I know better than to make comments now that it seems so serious, but I will humbly admit to saying potentially insensitive things, not knowing whether it could hurt, but surely 'could'.
  • Fat is worse.
  • Sure do, I get told that all the time..Sometimes it's just as hard to put weight on.
  • It's ok to love and accept your-Self no matter what your size... and... no matter what other's may think, say or do to you. DC
  • I'm a distance runner and swimmer, and genetically lean, so I get "skinny" comments ALL the time. These comments aren't hurtful, just annoying and a little embarrassing... and intrusive. l'm often pressed to explain that, yes, I eat plenty; yes, I feel fine, I'm in excellent health, I've always been this way... I also feel like I have to eat a lot when people are watching, just so they'll be reassured. My unscientific observation is that the people who make "skinny" comments tend to be twenty to fifty pounds overweight. I don't get any body comments at all from people who are very seriously overweight - they are invariably more polite about such things.
  • Very good question. It appears to me that some people do not seem to know that "name calling" causes problems to everybody, no matter what the derogatory name. To me, it is more on the person who resorts to the name calling, because it says a lot about their apparent insecurity, that they have to resort to putting others down to build themselves up.
  • I don't mind being called skinny, but when people call me anorexic or bulemic, that gets annoying. People are so used to the idea that since calling people fat is bad that they think saying things about average or underweight people is okay. Good question.
  • Thousands or millions of people envy skinny people...but no one will envy a fat person. That's probably why lots of people do not realize that others may feel hurt or bad if called "skinny". Being skinny is a goal, but being fat is not.
  • I'm skinny. I am so sick of people saying I'm anorexic or bulemic. I lost 23 pds in one week when my live failed froma drug some IDIOT Dr. made me take. It took me a long time, 2 years to get it back, I'm not there yet. People don't care. They say, geez, you look awful, you got so old, we're the same age, blah, blah, blah. I would never go up to all the fat people I know and say, "geez, don't you ever stop eating, what size do you wear, can you fit in your tub?
  • i know to some people it does, but it really actually builds up my self esteem when people call me skinny. since i think i'm fat, i used to be 'normal' but i've tried to lose weight and now i know it's paying off :) but it would be so much better to be too skinny than too fat!
  • I guess they don't. I lost a ton of weight and now am healthy and my height and weight are proportionate. Before i lost the weight it was..."You're so pretty" or "You look really good today" now all i get is "You're looking anorexic" and "You used to be pretty but now you're ugly. These comments hurt. It's like making fun of an overweight person. I'm not anorexic I just wanted to lose the weight for personal and health reasons. I am so sick and tired of going to work or seeing family members and having to endure painful comments. It really hurts. I wish people would just leave me alone. I am starting to feel ugly now because of these comments.
  • I've been skinny and heard those comments; now I'm heavy and I've heard those. Anyone who agrees there the same have no idea what their talking about, and until you've walked on both sides you never will, but please until then, don't compare the two.
  • I've been on both sides of that spectrum and I can say without a doubt when someone makes a skinny comment at me I'm actually very proud.
  • I doubt they hurt just the same. I've never been overweight, but many people I know are and I'd say they get it worse than I do. Not that it is appropriate for someone to ask if you have an eating disorder or for people to constantly check on you to make sure you are eating (my suitemate did that to me all of the time...and she ended up having an exercise disorder). If I had to choose between the two, I'd take the skinny comments because I know they are typically out of jealousy.
  • I bet the skinny comments don't hurt as much as the fat ones.
  • Yeah, I learned that the hard way - hurt a co-worker's feelings when I told her I envied her because she was "skinny." She had been trying hard to gain weight. Thankfully, she opened up to me and honestly told me how it made her feel.
  • I think it really depends on the situation. There's the occasional person who seems convinced anyone skinny is by default anorexic or bulimic. But on the other hand, most people where I live talk a lot more badly about someone if they're overweight. Maybe it just depends where you live.
  • Yeah. Being pretty is harder than good looking, rich is harder than poor, and strong is better than weak. Yeah. We all know these things.
  • Oh, boo hoo. You're thin and people make comments about it. Christ, I wish that was all I had to worry about in life. Try being overweight for a week and then you will have something to complain about. The entire world and the majority of societies cater to YOUR body type, not that of an overweight person. You will never have trouble finding clothes that fit you. You will never be stared at for eating fast food or for buying junk food at the grocery store. I can tell you right now, anyone who has ever been or is overweight is going to have zero sympathy for you. You don't have a clue what it is like to be truly hurt and slagged off at because of your weight. Thin does not compare to fat.
  • I dont think they hurt as much as fat comments to be honest, but they can be crude sometimes as well.

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