• i sleep with her sister
  • I don't really think it is about revenge, do you? I think it is about healing and moving on in a way that is best for you. Those who wrap themselves in anger and revenge like it is some sort of sacred mantra are harming themselves by trapping themselves in the negativity of a bad situation and refusing to let go.
  • See video. =)
  • One time my sister put lots and lots of Bleach in her cheating husbands undies and OOPS forgot to run them through a rinse cycle!! and one morning his coffee had some special stuff added to it !! he had the poops all day long !! I would never personally do any of these.. I dont believe in revenge !!
  • clean the toilet with his toothbrush? report his mobile phone missing? cook him chilli with pedigree chum? The list is endless. :)
  • Enormous alimony payments.
  • Being in a successful and loving relationship with someone else. :-)
  • Walking away and making them realize that it was the biggest mistake of their lives.
  • When he says he's leaving...let him...THEN report the "family" car (that's in YOUR name) stolen!! You are sure to hear from him soon. When you do say "oh are you mad I just FUCKED you over? That's too bad, maybe you should call your whore and cry on her shoulder cuz I'm just getting started"
  • Ok best revenge ever!! I put 150 black & brown cockroaches in his letter box along with 10 crickets, then left some fresh trout under his door mat!! I had a smile on my face for a whole week just imagining him going into the house trying to catch the little creatures, Plus i doubt he would have got a good sleep with the crickets singing, or who knows he probably called Pest Busters lol, I text him later on asking if he had seen jimminy cricket :) He said half of them were in his gardern having a party! I did give him a warning that he shouldn't step on the coackroaches as the multiply, maybe just a little too late tho HAHA! I moved on after that but will always laugh when i think about it!! Lee-Anne xx
  • This is sooooo pathetic!!!!!!! I'm NOT a religious man, but always liked when Jesus is supposed to have said.......'VENGEANCE IS MINE". JUST LEAVE IT........LEAVE IT ALONE.........HE, OR THEY< WILL GET some time or other........... happens every time.............I never bothered with revenge, AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU.. much better things to spend your energies on!!!!!! OK???????? PLEASE?????? & besides, your not doing anything will puzzle them at least a little...!! SO DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND ENERGY ON THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Vengeance is mine says the Lord.

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