• Everyone knows that working out while under the influence of alcohol is dangerous because of the likelihood of injury, but few athletes realize that consuming alcohol after a workout, practice, or competition can cancel out any physiological gains you might have received from such activities. Not only does long-term alcohol use diminish protein synthesis resulting in a decrease in muscle build-up, but even short-term alcohol use can impede muscle growth. So thats a no to the vodka then.
  • One shot of Vodka every day is ok it has been shown to be helpful to your body. Like anthing else too much of a good thing is bad for your body. It has been shown that drinking more one drink a day can lower your natural testosterone. Thats not good. You e-mail me with any
  • I hope you don't mean to say that you drink while you work out. :) This is the consummate question among bodybuilders, especially younger ones. There has been much research into this very issue. You can find some VERY useful information at my favorite source for all things muscular:
  • Are you serious? No, here's why... -First and for most it can lead to a serious injury, obvious to how important you take your training. -Studies show that even small amounts of alcohol have a large impact on fat metabolism. Dropping whole body lipid oxidation (a measure of how much fat your body is burning) by up to 73%! -Alcohol is classed as a central nervous system depressant, causing the brain to relax and inhibitions to decrease. -Alcohol is specifically detrimental to bodybuilders, or any athlete, in that it can interfere with recovery, protein synthesis, hydration, motivation, and nutrient intake. The list goes on and on but the answer to can you 'still be able to put on muscle' is yes, but with respect to the negative factors that set you back you'd be safer drinking alcohol while you watched others hoist the weights around the gym until you are ready to take your training more seriously.

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