• back it up anyway, doesn't take too long - you never know when you might lose it by any method! transfer all music back to iTunes and then update. i think it will be okay anyway, but having just lost my MP3 player to MP3 heaven, I really wished I'd made a backup in the last 6 months!
  • No, it shouldn't. Your music should be on your home computer anyways or whichever computer you sync with... so even if it wipes, syncing again will simply restore the data.
  • Only if it was the worst update in the history of software! That sounds more like malware than an update!
  • Normally, updating the iPod will not erase your data. But it is better to back up all your data to iTunes or iCloud. And if there is any lost data and you want to recover it, you can use the data recovery tool like TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery to retrieve the lost or deleted data.

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