• Free to good home ad's in the Trading Post etc
  • You could call a local pet store and see if they will take them or go sit outside the local grocery store with them. Works for the lady I keep my horse with. And she's usaly getting rid of at least 10 of them.
  • Free Cycle!
  • If you don't find a good home for them in the end have a good heart and take care of them. You are already trying your best to find a good home for three kittens , if you can't try your best to take care of them. I already have many problems with my kitten, but I still love her no matter what she does, if you look at my arms they are completely filled with marks of when she scratched me.
  • Put up signs. Ask EVERYONE you know to spread the word.
  • Your best option might be putting them to rest, if there's noone to take care of them and you dont want/cant take care of them yourself. How old are they?
  • Put out ads for FREE kittens, then get your cat fixed.
  • oh i know take pictures of them and post it on someone will email you and this way you can make sure they will go to a good home
  • First make an appointment to get your cat fixed, or whoever has the mother cat. Then put up signs everywhere, on poles, in stores, check out pet stores. Call up vets and see if they know any shelters that take kittens. Search for cat rescue places that might help you. Put an ad in the local free paper. Take them to the grocery store or a busy place and ask people who walk by. If everything fails, take them home, neuter and spay them and give them a good home yourself.
  • Take them to your nearest animal shelter they will rehome them.
  • "Free to a good home" ads are invitations for animal abusers. I can't tell you how many times I've heard of animals leaving a set of hands only to find themselves in tortuous homes. If you want to at least give the kittens a fighting chance, take them to a shelter or humane society - preferably a no-kill one. It's super easy to find listings in your area just by using a search engine or by calling a local shelter. A small chance is better than no chance at all. P.S. Spaying and Neutering is the only sure fire way to prevent unwanted animals.
  • drown them
  • put on on internet, i just recently got mine from there
  • Get them one way bus tickets to Boise, Idaho. Send all the cats to Boise. I hate cats. And I hate Boise.

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