• My current "favorite" is Thai "Fish Sauce". Note the name does not imply that is sauce FOR fish. They actually put fish in a press, squeeze out the juices, let them ferment, mix in even more salt, and then bottle it. And it's their #1 condiment: they put it on practically everything -- even eggs! Not surprisingly, it tastes (and smells!) like really bad fish with a lot of salt added.
  • Tripe. One taste will linger in your mouth forever.
  • Escargot (Snails) they are truly revolting and yes I have tried them. *Shudders at the memory* Deep fried crickets are ok though surprisingly. Like very light savoury crisps.
  • "Bonaire Chicken" Which is, quite literally, an iguana someone picked up off the street (they run around the island EVERYWHERE) and grilled on a skewer. *shudder* Gross.
  • Durian. Tried it, I was warned by my host that people outside of the Phillipines dont like it. I didn't, smelled bad and tasted almost as bad to me. Gas leak flavour.
  • Goat eyeballs in the middle east.
  • Chicken's feet. I have tried them, and cannot acquire the taste, sadly.
  • Sushi. I don't actually find it disgusting, but it tastes like dishwasher soap, I don't like it. I'm not picky with food either, I've had some other oriental seafood stuff that even bikers won't touch yet delicate ol' me tried it out! I don't know what the hell it actually was but it looked like an aquatic monster in Final Fantasy or something. I can't say it was gross because it really didn't taste like much of anything but yeah, won't go out of my way to eat raw seafood if I can help it.
  • I'll pick something simple, poi from Hawaii. I think it is awful. I tried it as a kid and then as an adult. Same thing, yuck!
  • I was in a Southern State, S Carolina or Georgia maybe, and I tried grits, thinking it would be delicious. It really was the opposite of delicious. First and last time I tried it.
  • Well, this is a hard one for me..I like almost any type of food...but one thing I do not like, that is popular in the very place I was born and raised...Oysters! It's not foreign..but I still think they are gross!
  • I have another one I hate... Pigs trotters. Gross, gelatenous, slimy, bony yuck. My Grandma loved them and would happily suck on one for hours.

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