• I am not sure if they had a nursery inthe twin towers, but if there were kids in there, that didn't get out in time, they died.
  • You might be confusing 9/11 with the Oklahoma City federal building bombing which did have a day care center on site. I don't recall ever hearing anything specific about a nursery or day care being at the World Trade Center. Only that there was a school (private, I think) that was within seeing distance, where the children had to be kept from the windows as they were being gathered to get out.
  • It would not surprise me if there was a nursery in one of the buildings simply due to the sheer size of them and the moving of large comporations and organisations to accept workers with families and real people with outside lives rather than just people who make them money. I would imagine that the nursery staff (if it existed) would be well trained in what to do in e.g. a fire and it would probbably be located on a lower floor so people can drop off their kids on their way up to work. However I have never been to NYC and don't know anything for certain.
  • Yes, there was a nursery at the World Trade Center. It was used for kids whose parents worked at World Bank, and for the NYSE. I am assuming that all the children were taken out because I have never seen or heard any reports of children dying. They were not in the actual towers, but in one of the other buildings that were part of the WTC. Remember all 7 buildings were destroyed, but it took a couple of hours before all of them finally collapsed.
  • I have just gone through the 9/11 list and there are no children listed as victims in the towers. The youngest I can see is 21. You might want to run through these lists again to make sure -

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