• I'm not understanding how this is a question - but I think that most girls don't want to admit it because they are too shy about masturbating!
  • Ummm, I dont really agree with that. Women tend to caught up in the idea of something while men tend to get caught up in the moment/feeling of something. I was watching Oprah (trust me, I dont make this a habit) and they said women do like porn, but it has to have more of a romantic story line. And, youre overgeneralizing a little bit, not every women likes porn and/or masturbates.
  • I don't know where you got your statistics, but I have to say I think they are not on point. Around 80% of women will admit they watch porn with other women in it and that arouses them not that they are bi just something that happens. The majority of ppl I speak with or read documents about say that the mans body really doesn't do anything for them sexually, unless it's a SO. Why do you think there are more female strip clubs then male? It isn't because men are just bigger pigs.
  • Women are just as turned on by visual images of men as men are of women but it needs to be within a context. Naturally, he needs to be attractive to her. But there are criteria involved. I am speaking as a woman who loves to look at attractive men and I get turned on by it. But there is something that seperates us from men. Women need the right context. If we are to enjoy and feel unhibited by a gorgeous naked guy, we also need to feel safe and in control. We are an instinctively cautious bunch, (many times with good reason) so sometimes that appears as inhibition or lack of desire. Society also plays quite a role in how we view sexual images of men as well. I see that changing as men are becoming more sexualized and interested in looking good to us as we try to look good to them. Also, as we gain more independence and power we view our roles differently. If a guy assumes he is not visually exciting to us as women, and consequently doesn't try to look sexy and appealing to us, why should we be turned on by him? If he doesn't see himself as sexy, why should we? When men try to look fit and sexy, that sends a message to us women. Not only does he think enough of himself that he takes care of his body, but he thinks enough of us to try to please us as well! That is a turn on. Women are extremely turned on by male strippers because the men know they are sexy to us, and we appreciate that they are trying to entertain and please us. Also the women are in control and hold the power in that situation. We are by nature instictively cautious, however, when we don't feel caution we throw it to the wind. A women could drool over a gorgeous male stripper in a club, and feel super hot for him. She might even want to take him home. You take that exact same guy and have him suddenly appear to a woman out of nowhere completely nude in a mall parking lot, and she will be fearful and not enjoy seeing him in that setting. She may fantasize aboout it when she is home and safe, but in the wrong setting a woman's instinctive caution will overide. Men are much stronger than we are, and women throughout the years have been targets of men, gorgeous or not. The difference between men and women here is not that we are incapable of feeling the same degree of visual stimulation as they do. The difference is that we are more particular about presentation. If the recipe is right, we are just as hot for a gorgeous hunk as any guy would be for a beautiful woman.
  • You guys are so full of crap! WOMEN ARE JUST AS VISUAL AS MEN!!! In fact, we are MORE so! Because we appreciate the beauty in everything, pretty flowers, trees, beautiful men, and beautiful women as well!!!
  • men dnt make me wanna do that! girls dnt either hahaha! but my boyfriend does like bt iv never been like that b4
  • Um, no i dont agree with this one! Men are just visual creatures. Dont get me wrong, i'd turn my head at a hottie. But, to see a nude man does nothing to make me want to masterbate! In fact, im wondering if most women would agree or confess, that seeing a naked woman is more dont get me wrong, i am not into other women as far as wanting to be intimate with them. But its more of a turn on to see a nude female with the nude male. Women just have sex appeal, and is desirable to both sexes!!
  • I don't totally understand the question either! I often need visual stimulation to help me get myself off, just like men do! A naked man only arouses me if he is with another naked man. I find naked women much more appealing, especially if it is two hot chicks together!
  • What is your question? You are talking from your perspective and those women you know, so please don't speak for all of us. I am 47 and have a very healthy interest in sex. I have done the whole playgirl naked male thing and although of interesting shock value when others see you reading it, it did nothign for em what so ever. I have also read many penthouse etc and enjoy them. Frankly, and no offense guys, a naked man with an erection just makes me laugh, even seen one walking as his penis sways around? On the other hand, naked women is very erotic and sensual. And before you suggest I am bi, I will have been married 24 years in January and never wished to be with a woman, other than in my head. I certainly have no trouble expressing my interests or desires, but don't feel the need to express them to anyone who doesn't need to know. I collect erotic art work, mostly female, and have an interest in sexual fetishes so am no innocent. Just please don't think you speak for us all.
  • If any of you women would like to masturbate to pictures of me naked, post your email address! I'll share.

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