• I would venture to guess that the soy bean is the most eaten veggie. It has hundreds of uses.
  • onion? i was going to say tomato till i remembered its fruit.
  • Soybeans are eaten by over 2/3rds of the world. And they eat a lot of it. They may have some onions but they don't eat it in great quantity or live on it, like many soy products are used. For the USA, the top veggie is sadly, the potato.
  • Carrot? I really have no idea.
  • I think it's potato, but I'm not totally sure about it
  • i would guess onion or potato.
  • Although tomatoes are commonly referred to as a fruit, they are also considered a vegetable. If you think about the many uses of the tomato, it becomes pretty clear that they are the number one consumed vegetable in the world. The number one condiment in America is salsa, made primarily from tomatoes. Tomato sauce, not only popular here in the US, but in Italy, Africa and South America. In addition to these popular well known uses comes tomato juices, tomato salads, fried tomatoes, pickled tomatoes and so on. There pretty much isn't a way to prepare a tomato, hence making it the most commonly consumed veggie (fruit) in the world.
  • I would guess potatoes... they are eaten everywhere.

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