• the girl hung herself in her closet
  • yes, and that woman is disgusting and a sadist. she deserves alot but 20 yrs in prison isnt the answer, i would give her like 2 yrs at very least 5 at most and mandatory therapy
  • She deserves more. There is no excuse for what she did to that child.
  • i think i feel really sick right now. that's DISGUSTING! omg. i am so angry its not even funny. people like that should never be let out of jail
  • ouch...:S
  • good she's scum.
  • we live in a very sick world.... people do horrible things all the time... maybe this will make people think twice before they perpetrate a cruel plot on someone.
  • Yes that was a sad and tragic end to that story, I am curious though as to what crime she is charged with and how they will prove that the woman caused this child's death. It was certainly deceptive, cruel and heartless and my heart bleeds for the girl's family.
  • Idk if prision is the answer here; the woman is obviously mentally ill. She should be forced into a mental institution and when she is finially found to be mentally sound then she could face trial and prision time. 5 years minimum prision.
  • many, that girl R.I.P was a victim of basically a prank gone too far by some scum trying to make her self feel better by putting down this young teenage girl no questions asked take her to the vet and (uthenise)- how do you spell uthenise
  • Oh my Gosh how terrible!!!! I am glad that that woman is going to jail but I wish she was getting 40 years instead of just 20 years.
  • I could only hope the police weren't delicate with her. I wish she had lost her footing when she was arrested,fell and .......well....
  • Apparently she is the mother of a girl about the same age, she wanted to know if this girl was saying mean stuff about her daughter. I think this is one of the saddest things I have heard of in a long time. I also imagine this kind of thing could happen more often if the consequences are not stiff. I hope there is justice for the girl who hung herself. I also wonder about the mental health of the girl, she hung herself over someone she never even met. I think its just sad.
  • No, did not hear that but, that is crazy should be behind bars
  • No I haven't. this just reinforces my statement that MySpace is open to abuse yet again. The 13 year old girl is in my most heart felt thoughts and I think it is chillingly horrible how some people can be so mean. They need Community Leaders there like they have here on AB. At least this site is safe and there are not that sort of shenanigans here.
  • If they need someone to pull the trigger they can call my house.
  • Yes, I really don't see any criminal libility there (except for maybe stalking) but there could be a cival case where the family gets money. Juries are incredibly stupid.
  • I haven't heard of this story, actually, so I'm trying to piece it together from what you've written. So a woman called a 13 year old girl, pretending to be a boy (lost me right about here), and told the girl that some boy doesn't like her. Then the little girl hangs herself (tragic), and the woman (pretending to be a boy) gets more prison time than if she had raped the child. If said woman even gets a lawyer who can spell his name she can get out of that jail time, even though it is pretty cruel and tragic that a little girl died. Edit: I did a bit of research and apparently the scenario is a bit different. One of the neighbors made the fake Myspace account to see if the little girl was saying bad things about her daughter, and then the fake boy wrote to the girl, "I don't know if I want to be friends with you anymore because I've heard that you are not very nice to your friends" to which the girl responded with a string of obscenities and eventually hung herself. There were reports from the little girls family that the messages read, "The world would be better off without you," but apparently that's a lie. The woman responsible for making the fake account is not behind bars. She did get her foosball table vandalized, though. She is currently being charged with one count of conspiracy and three counts of accessing protected computers without authorization to obtain information to inflict emotional distress, each of which has a maximum penalty of 5 years. A shedload of first-amendment lawyers are coming to the defense of the woman so likely nothing will come of it. A few counties have started to write anti-cyberbullying laws though.
  • Yes, I'm familiar with the circumstances. I'm sorry, but I think somehow I missed your question?
  • I heard about it and can't even begin to comprehend what would motivate a grown woman to go through that much trouble just to see if somebody was saying mean things about her daughter. Kids, especially teenagers, are cruel and that is just part of growing up. Then again, I am not surprised. Remember the mother that offed her daughter's cheerleading rival years ago? Where were the deceased girl's parents when all of this was happening? Surely this one incident alone did not cause the child to hang herself. There had to be other issues. I know parents cannot be everywhere at once, but it seems logical that the girl would have exhibited some level of distress/agitation in the days leading up to her suicide. Something doesn't seem right in this respect. I have no idea what the exact exchanges were between the teenage girl and grown woman. So it's hard to say how much these conversations factored into the teenagers decision to commit suicide. I do believe it's time for cyberbullying to be taken seriously in a legal sense though. A bit late in this case unfortunately.
  • YES I DID! i was on and i saw a link that said "the woman who could change the internet" and it was that exact story
  • Yes, I heard about that. It was on MSNBC when I was watching tv, and I didn't understand much of it. For example, WHY? WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO TORMENT A THIRTEEN EYAR OLD GIRL? I think that woman should deserve at least 70 years in life and without parole. That may seem so harsh, but the girl is only 13 years old!! She has her whole life in front of her, and killed herself for the wrong reason!! I don't think that stories or crimes like this is any funny. Frankly, if that woman needs to know about her daughter's friends and her relationship with them, she should just ask. Do not pretend to be someone else and torture her!! That is immature and sick of her. She needs immediate help.
  • Yes, how terrible is that.The woman should get life..How dare an adult torment a child. What a great thing to teach your own.
  • Yes I heard about it, I wish I was there to make the girl feel better.
  • I have never heard about situation like this, where can I read about this?
  • I don't think she'd get charged with murder because she didn't actually physically kill the girl or hire someone to do it . It was a suicide that was brought on by the woman's actions. It would be the same as if she was bullied on the streets or in school then went home and still commited suicide. She is definitely a scumbag for what she did! Don't get me wrong, she deserves some prison time because she is an adult who prayed on a minor. But just how many years i cant say? You would have to be convicted of murder to get anything above 20 years, at least in NY State anyway?

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