• It's the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.. I have been waiting years for this.
  • there is but as there is a higher density of people the effects are worse. thousands of years ago the same quake may have killed 30 simply because there were so few of us
  • We were just talking about this at work yesterday...Seems to be a high number...
  • Watching the news is heart breaking. I can't keep up with all the disasters happening around the world. So much loss of life.
  • WE are indiscriminately destroying Nature for our monetary gains and I too feel that the fury of Nature is now upon us.
  • With the growing popularity and capability of the internet, world-wide communications are now instantaneous. We no longer have to rely on the new services for the latest world events and consequently we are more aware of what's happening in our world.
  • It's really hard to be sure. Between increased population density and the news media being quick to report any bad news, it's really hard to be sure if there has been an increase.
  • the Mayans predicted turbulence in the Earth in the run up to 2012, more earthquakes, fiercer weather,etc. According to them the energy of the Eartn begines to quicken around now, causing more problems, in the run up to the shift after 2012 to a different vibration
  • I thought this only today. But now I see your question, and thinking of the recent China earthquake I remember there were much bigger Earthquakes in China in the past: 1556 - about 830,000 people died. 1920 - about 200,000 people died 1927 - about 200,000 people died. Over long periods of time, earthquakes get less frequent as the geothermal energy that powers them runs down. So I think that it is primarily better news reporting which contributes to make it appear that the natural disasters are increasing. Before cell phones and other modern forms of communication, news of the Burma disaster might not even have reached us for weeks and not even made the front page. Other factors have an effect, but better news reporting is having the biggest effect contributing to the apparent acceleration of disasters.
  • I think we're just seeing more of it thanks to the capabilities of media communications.
  • I can tell you from personal experience that here in Virginia the number of tornadoes has increased dramatically in the past ten years. Between 1980 and 1989 we had approximately 63 tornadoes in Virginia. That number grew to 125 for the period between 1990-1999, and so far we're up to over 200 for THIS decade, and it's not over yet. We've also seen a marked increase in temperature over the "winter" months (80 degree weather in February, whereas 15 years ago we'd see freezing temperatures all winter long), and hotter, dryer summers.
  • It's just you. Depending on your definition of natural disaster - look at the Earth's first 500 million years or so - bombardment from space on a very regular basis. Then look at all the ice ages - some that nearly covered the entire globe. Then look at periods of global warming hot enough to turn the poles into tropics...

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