• Depends on the context. If I'm trying to act cute, by doing something nice, then yeah, I don't mind it. The greatest comliment to me is being called handsome. Whatever happened to that?
  • Of course not. It's obviously a positive thing to say, so it's always good to hear. Now, depending on the situation, cute might not be the exact thing I would most like to hear, but hey... If cute is what you get, you gotta be happy with that, or then just try a little harder ;)
  • I guess there are worse things she could call me
  • If you want to insult a man, that's the second best way to do it. 1st being to tell him he's got a small penis, or smaller than the other men you've been with. Other than that, to call him cute, is to call him ugly. It means he's not BAD looking, but not good enough to turn you on.
  • I wouldn't say "dislike". I just realize that cute is generally nothing special. Like Derek said, context can change things. But (if it has to be about physique) I'd generally appreciate comments more of the type "ruggedly handsome", "hot and manly"... :-)
  • I love it..especially if she is cute!
  • Cute usually is the kiss of death. It means you're always going to be friends. If the girl is talking to another girl and draws out the 'u' in cute, as in "He's cu-u-te", then you're good to go.
  • no, i would like that.
  • No...........I do not discriminate when it comes to compliments..........
  • can't honestly say since it very rarely ever happens lol.
  • I don't remember the last time I was called cute. Must have been when I was very young. My younger brother was called cute because he had this fire red hair. Mine was off white. If girls call me that now. I would't mind. I'm 69 and don't expect to be called either sexy or macho. (except maybe by my wife, and I doubt that also.)
  • Not really, just a compliment.
  • No, I don't mind it.
  • depends what part of me she is calling cute.
  • Yes actually it does.
  • Nope, I take what I can get.
  • No, i like it, cuz they like it.
  • Funny, I asked a very similar question... hope I get some answers. Here's my personal opinion: "cute" has MANY connotations. When I say a guy is cute, it usually is in the initial phase... like, when I'm scoping out a crowd, I have 2 categories: cute and not cute. After the initial screening, then the more detailed compliments come out, e.g. handsome, hot, masculine, boyish, rugged, etc... Another way that I use cute is if the guy really is cute! By that I mean that he has something sweet about him that is charming. Sparkly eyes, a kind face, happy and genuine smile... those are all "cute" qualities. Personality plays a lot in here as well, for instance, if a guy is kind of shy or awkward, yet also physically attractive, then I would call him cute.
  • With a gray mop like mine, I'll take anything I can get. Even when my hair was brown, cute was good.
  • No, I think it's cute ;-p
  • Yep its something that you call your brother so i always get the impression that shes saying it as a friend

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