• What the hell is wrong with you, Jenna? Did you just give up on life or something?
  • Giving advice as to how to hack into other websites could open AB up to law suits. Plus, how to we know that you (or someone else) would would not use such information to create trouble here.AD to this the fact that hacking other peoples accounts is dishonorable and I think that we have plenty of reasons not to share such information with you.
  • Screw all the DR'ing people... Are you a lovesick lil puppy checking up on your latest crush?? Sure it's not an answer, oh well
  • what are you doing trying to hack peoples myspaces? pretty rude dude
  • Man GIRL what are you doing trying to hack someone else's myspace account?You could get in trouble with the law for that.Rethink it Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

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