• Depends on the shoes. Ones that inclose most of your foot might be a bit heavy- but something like a pair of round toed dainty heels with a T-bar would look fine.
  • Either. . . . .is perfectly fine! And you're talk'n to a fashion guru here!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • How about some sexy strappy heels. +4
  • I guess... i mean you could be living in New York or some other 'cold' State.... San Francisco, California 54 12 Portland, Oregon 55 Seattle, Washington 56 Denver, Colorado 57 Sacramento, California 57 San Jose, California 58 Rochester, New York 59 Buffalo, New York 60 Hartford, Connecticut 60 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 61 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 61 Lowest Summer Temperatures The numbers after the City and State is in fahrenheit Outdoors/Indoors would make a difference also.. I guess it doesn't matter what season it is if the event is held indoors...

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