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  • Yeah are right true :-) !
  • Yup. Being the really nice girl is good, but it definetly gets annoying. Everyone knows that I care too much and takes advantage of is. Also, in situations were someone is hurt, my empathy is so strong it really hurts.
  • yes, but works against me too...because i get hurt easy too.
  • Yes, it is one of them!
  • Sometimes. Actually, alot of the time. I care what people think of me ALOT. I try to keep myself from changing just because of that, but it still happens. As of now I am working on becoming the person that I want to be... Its far from who I was. And probably far from who I am originally. But thats life. ~+~
  • not even close
  • definitely... everyone tells me the good people finish last and that i care about everyone else way too much (helping the community, charity, my boyfriend, etc.), but i don't want to change. I like that I am a caring person and in regards to relationships, I just need to find that guy that is thinking just like me ("the good guys finish last sometimes, but I just want to meet that good girl")... i know he's out there somewhere!
  • Yes it is. Sometimes I can open myself up too much to people close to me that I end up getting hurt. And sometimes I'm taken advantage of by people I try to get closer to. Once I've also tried cheering a friend up after her relationship started breaking down, not knowing it was because she thought she loved me... I guess you could say I'm a little naive too, then?

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