• I don't use that word to describe people until they actually become frail looking, and/or shaky when they try and walk.
  • I know a lot of 60 year olds that are in great health, run or jog, and do things that teenagers do. 60 is not considered elderly to me. Elderly is 7o maybe, but even some of them are like young spring chickens.
  • Thats funny, I don't feel elderly. I'm not quite there yet. The age of any person that is asked about someone being old has a lot to do with their perspective on age. My daughter thinks that I'm old, however when I was her age, I thought people my age were old too. Now I don't even think people in their 70's are all that old.
  • i don't know where they get that idea my mother is 82 and if somebody called her elderly they would get a clip round the ear so at a mere 62 I have a long way to go
  • I'm 70-1/2 and I consider myself old, chronologically..I'm not sure what elderly means..maybe a pc way to say "old"? I don't feel my age and I have been told I don't look it, but either way, I don't hide it I celebrate it. What words others may use to describe my place in life doesn't bother me at all. Age is relative as is one's attitude about it! :)
  • 60 is no longer considered old. I would say 80 is old.
  • I don't think there's a specific age that people become elderly. When I think elderly, I think frail, weak, or unsteady - unable to care for themselves, etc. It's not an age. My parents are both in their 60s - and they're as young as ever. Definitely not elderly! My grandma was in her late 70s when she died - and she was never elderly, in my opinion. My grandpa is in his mid 70s, and he still leads hikes out in the mountains. Elderly is not an age - it's a condition.
  • I think elderly doesn't refer to an age, but to a physical state of infirmity.
  • Over thirty. And yes, I know the sort of comments I'm inviting.
  • You think THAT's bad... The Economist this week referred to people over 65 as "geezers". And for the record, "elderly" isn't necessarily an age. I would consider my stepgrandmother to be elderly at 72, but my husband's 85 year old grandmother still rides a motorcycle. She's not elderly.
  • I am sixty and to anyone younger they see me as older to say the least. Then we talk and have fun and that age difference quickly disappears. The old saying " You are only as old as you feel" applies
  • Ten years older than I am! (Just kidding.)
  • To me elderly is someone over 100 years old.There is no reason why we all cannot live that long.My parents are in their mid eighties and certainly are NOT elderly.They take care of themselves.
  • Elderly is in the person's own head. Until they feel it, no one else will notice.
  • A person who takes themselves seriously!!

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