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  • Sorry I let you down in my last answer. My question is this... what is she getting out of being rude to you if you are ignoring it? What is the situation that keeps putting you and this girl in one another's earshot? If you must, let her know that she is making only herself look foolish by behaving like a child. Truly insulting her or trying to hurt her feelings is no way to handle the situation.
  • Here are some more good comebacks that I dug up. But use them with CAUTION and remember that people who use insults are usually ignorant, and are just out to impress, and really should just be avoided. Ok, on to the meat: Were you born with that dent in your head? Do you have gas, or were you just saying something? Is that the extent of your vocabulary? Does your mother double as your aunt? Is that the only tooth you have? Do all of your outfits come from the dollar store?
  • Same rude girl?
  • I would avoid confrontation because every girl I know is stronger than me and can kick my ass.
  • Everytime she is rude, make a comment to that effect, Are you always rude to everyone, why do you have to be rude, etc., keep saying it, and she will get it. She might think its her way of being cute, maybe she LIKES YOU!!!!
  • Be nice to her. Try to befriend her. Hold your enemy close to learn what their intention is.
  • Only because it's difficult for me to understand how anyone could be consistently rude to someone else for an entire year I feel compelled to ask - - - is it possible by any chance that it's just her way and you are misinterpreting her intentions??? Perhaps you could simply ask her what it is that causes her to be so rude to you and ask her if she relizes the effect it is having on you. Perhaps she just needs to be made aware of it.

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