• This page tells it better than I could:
  • jim alison
  • God did.
  • A dentist drumming up trade
  • John Pemberton a pharmacist.
  • Biedenharn family???
  • the most amazing prson in the world ? i love coke
  • We didn't invent it. We were the first to bottle it and sell it outside of a drug or candy store soda fountain. From Coke website: "In 1894, in Vicksburg, Mississippi, Joseph A. Biedenharn was so impressed by the growing demand for Coca-Cola at his soda fountain that he installed bottling machinery in the rear of his store and began to sell cases of Coca-Cola to farms and lumber camps up and down the Mississippi River. He was the first bottler of Coca-Cola. " John Pemberton a pharmacist came up with the formula.. From Coke website: "The product that has given the world its best-known taste was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 8, 1886. Dr. John Stith Pemberton, a local pharmacist, produced the syrup for Coca-Cola®, and carried a jug of the new product down the street to Jacobs' Pharmacy, where it was sampled, pronounced "excellent" and placed on sale for five cents a glass as a soda fountain drink. "
  • i have no idea, it wasnt me

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