• My wife and I are watching the show right now. What the hell happened to Nikki? Who is giving her advice to do this to herself? She looks ridiculous. Almost clown like. Her lips look like the wax lips we used to have as kids. Wow.
  • LMAO I was thinking the very same thing. I thought she was going to blow.
  • OMG - She looks horrible.............What a freak! She was so pretty, now she looks terrible.
  • I just saw the show and actually had to go online to search for what exactly she did to herself!! I couldn't even pay attention to a word she was saying because I just kept looking at how ridiculous her lips looked! Does she actually think they look natural?? That poor girl she has some issues!
  • It's a sad, sad, day when Nikki Cox is on television and the only thing I can stare at are her LIPS!!!!
  • You people who are picking on poor Nikki are either very sick, or just terribly misinformed. It really is horrible to speak ill of the dead. You apparently are unaware of Nikki's tragic death in a freak hot air balloon accident shortly after completing work on The Ghost Whisperer. Yes, after the ballon rose above 2000 feet, her lips exploded with such violent force that it shredded the ballon and sent all souls on board plummeting to their death, Hindenburg-style.

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