• "Hate" is somthing I cannot relate to, but I have no love for them either. As you can see that's not the same thing.
  • Hateing Hate, seems kind of counter productive to me. I would just shrug it off and not associate with that person.
  • I guess hating someone who is a bigot makes the hater also a bigot??? I just don't like them very well and associate with them as little as possible. I know a guy I associate with only when I have to.
  • Don't hate the bigot. Hate the bigotry, instead. There is always hope for the bigot.
  • No, it just doesn't make much sense. Negative thoughts create negative emotions which contribute to dis-ease of body and spirit. Why make yourself ill over someone else's ignorance?
  • I guess it depends on your moral compass -- I don't think things can be divided into "right" and "wrong", personally. For some people, it's wrong to hate anyone at all, for others, there are exceptions (for good reasons or not).
  • Hating someone for being ignorant doesn't make much sense. Ignorance and fear are at the base of can pity them because they are doing a greater disservice to themselves then they will ever do to the object of their bigotry..bigots are generally reviled, looked down upon and excluded from civil societies. Their only recourse is to band together with those like themselves and that is an intellectually incestuous way to go through life. I would not hate a bigot..but I would not spend my time in his/her company! :(
  • It's wrong to hate. We have the power to change the heart at a time.
  • You have that right. Ask yourself, Does that make me any better then they are? Can I teach them to be better people by hating them? Where does hating them get me?
  • I have friends who are homophobes and my grandmother doesn't like dark-skinned people, so no.
  • Bigotry is hateful, so it's understandable.
  • Your question is an oxymoron! If you hate a bigot then you are a bigot because a bigot hates or is intolerant of others that disagree with their opinion. Therefore you must hate your own opinion of others and things which would include yourself. So you must be a bigot of a bigot.
  • Wouldn't that make you a bigot?
  • Define bigot
  • Yes. Hate is ALWAYS wrong. And nobody can know the true heart of another. Which is why it is wrong to judge [condemn] anyone. How do you KNOW they're a bigot? And not an FBI spy?
  • hating a bigot would make you a sort of bigot yourself.
  • It's not a good approach to go about life. I confess that I am bigoted against trolls but these are small minded petty trifling people that don't have a grip on reality and know only how to be mean spirited. I grew up with a bigoted father and I had to shake off a lot of the terrible things he said. It's not funny when you consider that they are real people with feelings. Oh, then it's all different.
  • Don't hate him.just look through him and you'd be the smarter one.
  • Personally, I'm not a bigot...but, why would you sink to their level and hate them because of this..Then wouldn't you be somewhat equal to them?
  • i hear a wuote HATE HURTS THE HATER MORE THAN THE HATED would the words rage/extreme dissapointment/ disgust be a better description for the feeling.
  • Why waste your energy hating someone? Just ignore them.
  • Hat in it self is wrong... You only hurt yourself with hate...
  • it is a dangerous path... not wrong to be disgusted by a the behavior of bigotry though

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