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  • It is hard to describe. But the feeling is great! If it is a good one my legs will shake after.
  • It can be soo soo nice. My toes curl! I really cannot find a way to describe it.
  • Vibrations that seem to take over your whole body and release tension. It is an amazing feeling, very intense.
  • i have been told it's the urge to urinate.
  • They feel so happy it's almost over and they can go to sleep.
  • It feels like you have to pee, but it feels great.
  • It starts out sort of as a building tension in my clit, spreading out to the whole general genital region and even into my stomach (like a roller coaster feeling). I let it build and back off as many times as I can because the building tension feels sooo good. Finally it gets too close and I finally let the tension continue till it feels so good it almost hurts. I can actually feel the pulsing and contractions of the orgasm and I just clench my whole being up and enjoy the feeling as long as it lasts (most intense maybe 8 or 10 seconds - then lessens for another 10 or 20 seconds). Yes, my toes do curl and when it's over, I am utterly exhausted and almost unable to move. I don't understand the women who say they have so much energy they want to jump up and clean the whole house (or something like that!). I'm just totally spent and exhausted after a really good orgasm. After a lighter one, if we keep playing (because I orgasm before him), the feelings just come back again. Not all the way back from square one, but about half way aroused and I get to do it all over again. It gets better and better each time, till I'm too exhausted to do it again :)
  • I feel an intense "vibration" or "pulsing" of the inside of my vagina. Right before the orgasm, it is like at the top of a roller coaster, right before a big hill, where everything kind of stops for a second, and then it builds very quickly and the vibration starts. I make noise, sometimes screaming or yelling in a sensual way, of course, and it is involuntary, I can't stop. If it is a very strong orgasm, my whole body trembles, sometimes just my legs. I am usually really tired afterward and don't want to move because I feel so relaxed.
  • Ejaculate orgasms from women are disgusting. I prefer to get in and get out :)
  • I don't know if my wife is unique but she seems to have at least three types of orgasms. When her clitoris is stimulated she has an orgasm where her vagina will spasms for 10-30 seconds. During intercourse when we get a deep but not too fast rhythm going she experiences a different type of orgasm which she describes as 'cumming'. She climaxes but there is no spasming of her vagina. If I directly stimulate her G spot she has an orgasm and she squirts quite a bit of clear fluid. After clitoral stimulation she can have only one orgasm as she gets over sensitized. When she is 'cumming' she can have multiple orgasms with a small amount of vaginal secretion. G Spot stimulation produces a very intense one time orgasm with no spasming. Years ago before we started having children I would experience a pleasurable sensation of heat waves when we were having intercourse. The sensation would only last for a few seconds and would occur several times. My wife did not notice anything and did not have any kind of climax but I sure noticed it. After she had our first child this sensation has never occurred again.
  • when i get very relaxed after lots of clit stimulation my vagina suddenly clams shut for an extended period of time up to 20 mins and i become thouroughly exhausted it could go on longer but this is as much as I can take, usually it only last 10 to 12 seconds and my clit becomes over sensitised and cannot bear any thurther stimulation.
  • well 4 me i get this feel ova my body and it feel so good my toes start 2 curl and then i do cum my whole body get weak my legs begin 2 shake
  • Is like a combination implosion/explosion. You get worked up and hot with continued stimulation both from your partner and yourself much of which is automatic as well as conscious until your tension reaches a peak and the breaking point where you are holding your body and muscles taut and your toes are curling and all just to increase the tension. Then you go over which is like falling from a cliff or a high building and can be scary and even hurt for a second as it starts in one of several places in your sexual area and then as the tension is released our legs or sometimes whole body shakes involuntarily as the rainbow waves of pulsating contractions pleasure their way outward through our body over maybe 10 to 20 seconds, sometimes more and we are all melty and feeling good and loving everything and everybody. Not all are whole body feeling but some are more localized but the mechanism is the same. Then when our partners keep going we feel the sexual arousal catching us up again and starting to take us toward our next orgasm so with each one we become more highly aroused until mostly we become just flesh and blood and feeling and we are going from one to another which can sometimes be of ascending and sometimes of varying intensities.

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