• I have the same Tv, I believe. It doesn't have any out or inputs other than the catv one for an atntennae or cable at the back and has a centre flip down door for manual vol/channels etc? I'd say that it's given up the ghost. There's likely an issue with the electron gun in the back of it. I was wondering how long it would keep going myself. I think we got excellent value for the money we paid for it, back then. The cost of replacement parts would in all likelyhood, be more than what you would pay for a comparable Tv these days. Additionally, most Tv's these days have composite (RCA) jacks built in, whereas ours doesn't. Handy for plugging in devices such as VCR's Home theatres and gaming consoles. I'm forever messing with splitter boxes and cables. I think it's time to salute the old freind and lay it to rest. My condolences.
  • check the crt(tube) for bad connections,bad components etc.The crt neckboard is located on the back of the crt,it contains the red,green,and blue drive signals for the R,G,and B guns.If the screen has a red tint this would indicate that either your R gun signal is to strong or the G and B signal is to weak or possibly a weak gun. test all resistors and transistors on crt neckboard.Test for open resistors and shorted semiconductors.You may want to try ajusting the color gain/drive controls for R,B,and G(these controls should be on the neckboad)one for R,B,and G.Also the crt may just be old and replacing it may be the only option(this would exceed the cost of the tv.

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