• Have the boy pretend he just worked all day at his job and he just cashed his check. Then pretend that you are a robber and you hold the boy up with a gun (be careful here...don't get fired), and demand most of his money. Ask him if he thinks this is right? Is this fair? Assuming he says no, tell him there is no difference between the two. If I don't pay my taxes which goes to support dead beats on welfare, someone with a gun will come to my house and take my money. AND I will go to jail.
  • Ask him if he has everything he wants? I nice home, nice car (I know he's young, but his parents'?), enough food, TV. games, computer, clothes, etc.? If he says yes, you may want to report his parents. If he says NO, say THAT why you go to school, and why it's important. You will NOT earn enough money on welfare, OR a low-paying job to get everything you need or want in life. School teaches you things MANY employers look for in new hires (and older workers).
  • Tell him you're planning to vote for someone who will take welfare away from people who are just too lazy to work. Tell him that a lot of people think that if he wont' work, he shouldn't eat either. Tell him that other people are tired of working and then having all their money taken away and given to other people who won't work even though they can. And then tell him he's right... but that in ten years when he needs other people to pay his way because he's too stupid and uneducated to get a job, the welfare system probably won't be in place anymore because it will be bankrupt. And he'll starve because he can't get a job. Just because people let him mooch off us now doesn't mean it will last forever.
  • Wow that is messed up. I would chew out his parents, I know you prolley can't but, wow. That is very disturbing.
  • The government is getting rid of more and more services. There might not be any welfare when he grows up, so he better prepare himself now, just in case.
  • Tell him that he can grow up and help other people, by getting a job, because someone has to work for welfare to work. Put a positive, saving-the-world spin on it, instead of the "your family is lazy slobs" spin some commenters are proposing. Find out if he likes dinosaurs or astronauts or something. If you work hard in school, you can study dinosaurs! find new planets! build rockets!
  • I owuld tell him that if he works hard at school and gets a good education, he will have choices. He can choose to do anything he wants to. If he doesn't bother and ends up on welfare he will not have those choices. Ask him, what sort of house he would like to live in, what kind of car he would like to drive, what kind of sneakers would he like to have? If he could do anything at all, what would he want to do? And then explain to hom that he won't be able to have those things if he is on welfare.
  • 5-23-2017 That's not much of a question because the teacher is married to the system. I am not a teacher, and I think the public school system is a waste of taxpayer's money. I went to public schools and they did not teach me anything I needed to live a normal life.
  • Tell him that he is right. Schools are largely "public paid daycare centres". But what he can learn in school will be much better than giving up on ambitions and relying on welfare.. Tell him that is what welfare is: The government decides for him and it's like living in jail as there are things you cannot spend your welfare on. Also he could get less and less each year. Tell him that he would rather work and live to be free and buy what he wants. Or live with people deciding for him all his life?
  • holy cow.......I"d smack him upside the head about a dozen the other replies here are very very good,,,,indeed!!!!

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