• Go on one walk 100x longer
  • Get a horse? Get a hobbie? Get a hobbie horse? (lol) Pick a room in your house and redecorate it...gut it out and repaint it. Plant a flower basket or a garden..then you can weed the garden all summer too! I have no spare time on my hands so I can not sympathize with you! Sorry.
  • How old are you? Maybe get a little job or help out somewhere.
  • Whenever I'm bored I go to the gym and work out.
  • Google your local dept of recreation or dept of tourism and see whats going on in your area. Im sure youll find something you are interested in. Or, next walk you take make a point to initiate conversation with someone and see where that goes.
  • Oh my god, you gotta' get laid, man.
  • I'm so sorry. I just realized you are a chick. I don't know anything about Canada, but what is the problem exactly up there? As a very picky woman, I feel compelled to ask you and force advice down your throat, lol.
  • im guessing youre tooyoung for a job. try volunteering., its rewarding and lookd great on the cv.

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