• A sexy person is like a magnet. its someone that attracts your attention, 100%. this does not necessarily mean just the outward appearance, but also whats inside their heart. A sexy person takes care of their body. always clean, always dressed nice, always having the proper hairstyle and of course, a winning smile. Most people are not born to be a sexy person. they sometime have to build or mold their body and character. The key here is to be all of the above, without be self-centered about it. it will show.
  • sexy means attractive,appealing, drawing positive attention. does not have to do with sex or being sexual. sexy person is cute, intelligent, nice... sexy does not have to be limited to person; could be other things: example: my new cool cell phone is sexy idea of owning my own land and house is sexy and I'm too sexy for this website!
  • sexy is sweet body and a pretty face and i guess personality
  • To me, someone with such deep eyes they look right through you, a cheeky grin and an attitude
  • Anthony Bourdain and Anthony Bourdain.
  • I find slightly arrogant people sexy. Not bragging or boasting (which is usually a sign of insecurity) - but that kind of self-assured "I'm irresistable and I damn well know it" air - I guess you could call it the James Bond effect- just can't help it. I think confidence is the first and most important element to sexiness. If you believe you're sexy other people will find you sexy. There are other elements to sexiness, and some things are more important to some people- but I honestly think physical appearance is less than 10% of the equation.
  • sexy means to me someone whos appealing to me! someone that has a healthy look and beautiful figure and facial details, there very graceful and mannered and well groomed. personality of a charmer kind witty sweet n adureing! someone who catches one eyes breath taken in a glance. truley yours tammy
  • Someone who is comfortable with their own body and who has explored their sexual self and who nurtures that part of themselves 88.
  • * A nice natural body scent. * A well looked after body * A flirtatious/loving glint in the eye. * A pretty/handsome face. I'm not that shallow, but I always like these things in a partner.
  • To me, sexy is more an attitude. There are hot guys, that as soon as they open there mouths, turn completely ugly to me, then there are guys not so good looking, that have a great personality, it makes them very sexy.
  • complete confidence, no matter what the world thinks they look like, they know they are sexy, people can see that (not an annoying over confident thing, just that they have the confidence to carry themselves.)
  • someone i can imagine having good sex with?
  • me lol, seriosly though a nice body is nice but not always necasary, a slight nice smell (not smelling like they just emptied a can of body spray on them)but thats not really necasary either a nice smile a glow like look to there skin beautiful eyes and a certain way she moves/walks/talks
  • Like beauty, sexiness is in the eye of the beholder. However, unlike beauty, sexiness is less about outward appearances and more about the aura that someone gives off. It is essentially someone who is confident and self-assured about who they are and how they look.
  • it was 1974 (before thongs) and this chick was walking across campus with a hole in her jeans so you could tell she wasn't wearing panties. sounds kinda tame but i still can picture it
  • Confidence in oneself is sexy.
  • I don't have to. I just look in the mirror. lol
  • Beyoncé
  • Sexually attractive or exciting, or otherwise exciting or appealing.
  • sexually attractive
  • sexy mean you are very sexually attractied to another person...its something about that person that turns you all the way on.......
  • A big rack.
  • My best girl, Ino.
  • The look, self confidence, smooth, laid back.
  • i can't describe that, exactly. WHen someone i see makes me go "oooooooooo" that is sexy. Her eyes, or body or how she dresses or acts.. it all varies. it is how it 'strikes me specifically at that moment' that determines whether i think she is sexy or not. it is not to be confused with 'slutty' looking.
  • Alluring...mysterious...and a hot smile with dimples!
  • Honesty is the absolute pinnacle of being sexy. What other characteristic strips away the flowery fabrication that covers life. When someone expresses the truth they are baring their soul, the way that someone bares their flesh. Listen to the quip of Marilyn Monroe when she's accused by her wealthy father-in-law-to-be in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" of wanting to marry his son for his money. Marilyn's character, Lorelie Lee responds: "I don't want to marry your son for his money, I want to marry him for YOUR money." Such blatant honesty made for good comedy and generated the image of what only the envious would call the "dumb blonde". But blonde, brunette or whatever, these women who were Hollywood's legendary sex symbols had to be quite intelligent besides honest to survive in Hollywood. And intellectuals they were, like Hedy LaMarr -- the first actress to do a nude scene on camera -- invented frequency hopping spread spectrum during the second World War as an anti-jamming technique for radar. Ms. LaMarr was way ahead of her time, though. What she invented is today used in cellular phone technology, code division multiple access (CDMA). She is regarded as an icon of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society.

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