• I had a girlfriend who had it done and she said it hurt like hell. whatever that means. she said it only hurt for a few seconds then went numb for about 20 minutes then she said it was alright. I asked if the pain was worth it and she smiled and said hell yes.
  • it hurts like a lil but not alot its actually bearable its like a pinch but after that its just more of a buring until its finally healed. i would say go for it because i got mine and ima wimp. lol but someone whos a wimp like me has tongue pierced, nose and eyebrow so its not that bad
  • monroe piercings dont hurt as for eyebrow its just pressure then the burning of the needle thats it
  • It hurt, a lot. But it only hurt for a second. It is completly managable. Go for it!
  • i have gotten mine done twice.. last summer around the end of june. it didnt hurt at all i was geared up for it to hurt so much more. i didnt even feel it. my piercer made me feels really comfortable by going thru all the steps with me ( she is my best freind and profrssional piercer). then i had surgery so i had to take it out. i jsut got it redone the begining of march and it hurt like hell but that becuz she used a bigger ring and it went thru scarred tissue. but if u wana get it done i totally reccommend it i love it and yes it does enhance the big O's :)
  • it did not hurt greatly at all. in fact it nipped then almost immediately after i o'd (aroused anyway, had just previously o'd immediately before it was done, by an experienced piercer at their suggestion.). had it done at 1o years ago and it has certainly not been bad for sexual pleasure..good i think but at 26 i don't remember not having it. my mum had had hers done too and wanted to make sure i had the same pleasure. it is about movement against your clit and the type of ring and how it stimulates you regularly or during sex. even now if i move a certain type of way it feels soo good.. i tell all my gal-pals to get it done. it also turns guys on and makes a pussy more sexy.
  • I got mine done exactly a week ago. It hurt for all of a second and it hasn't bothered me since. I barely know it is there sometimes. The stimulation depends on the person though. I actually only felt it once. Maybe it needs to heal completely. It is definitely worth it though.
  • it hurts you are going to want to beat the piercer right after. but jump up after you get it done you will like that. and after that don't wear anything tight for a while lets say about a month or so. and be careful on what panties you wear for the month. and you may want to get a liner for that day be/c you will bleed for a little bit after its done. and also get vertical done be/c it will heal faster then the other ones.
  • what do you think?
  • I have it on good advice that it can damage the clitoral nerve bundle and you may not be able to climax again... FYI
  • I cringe just seeing one pierced, how can that not hurt are you serious. Try pinching it really hard and maybe you'll get some idea
  • Even if it doesn't hurt, I don't know why a woman would want one. It would be right in the way when giving a woman oral :-(. +3
  • i have heard it is supposed to enhance pleasure

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