• I think the younger you are the more it matters and the older you get the less it matters.
  • As long as you are a concenting Adult age does not matter. Sometimes i wonder about if their is a huge gap what the hell they would have in common, but who am i to judge. I am not the one dating them. I have my standards of age difference. Others may be different.
  • If one is under 18, it's the difference between going or not going to prison if sex has been had. I don't think you could seriously have a working relationship if the age gap is higher than 12 years. So if you do quick math, I would go crazy if I dated a woman under the age of 23. Yes, you are correct in noticing that I am only considering one direction here.
  • To some other people, it matters enough to blind them as to what love truly is and its got nothing to do with age. to me, age means nothing.
  • I have dated women who were everything from my age to 30 years younger. It's probably just personal preference, but when I dated women over 20 years younger, there was entirely too much to overcome. I felt as though I was taking on another child to raise.I much preferred women who had been immersed in life for awhile and who at least knew what they DIDN'T want. My new wife is 15 years younger than me and we get along wonderfully! : ))
  • It's of importance when there's such a gap, that you can't find something to talk about because you two come from different generations; worlds. Although, relationships can be exciting with differences, because it's being taught something new, but only works when these differences are wanting to be learned,and taught.
  • it depends if thier both adults and how big the age gap is.the biggest age gap i had was five years.he was five years my senior and out of the three long term relationships id say that it was the best.
  • i dont know if my answer will be as good as the others :) .well here it goes personally i would not want 2 date and marry a girl that is older than me, maybe thats is because i am young but the prospect of losing your love 2 old age is not so pleasing if you have an age gap of like 30 years and girl that is younger would most likely be 2 immature so i will stick 2 my own age.
  • Honestly age differences are a matter of personal preference. For me I don't think people should allow age differences to stand in the way of love so long as you are both adults of course. But it also depends on how comfortable each of you is too with being in a relationship with a significant age differece. For me personally unless there was just something about the person that attracted me that much that I felt I had to be with them no matter what I could not see myself dating a female younger than her mid 30's and I will be 46 in a few short weeks.
  • Age is a really good way to gauge the maturity of someone, though since there are exceptions, compatibility outranks it in the end.
  • Not much. I have dated men 10 years older than I am . That was one of the most fulfilling relationships ive been in yet.
  • none in my opinion age is only a number i like a 22 year old girl and i am 17 shoot does that tell you my thoughts on it and by the way it is not because she can buy alcohol.
  • I don't think it matters as long as you have love.
  • Maturity, not age are what matter.
  • so everyone who says age is nothing but a number how would ufeel about a 13 yr old boy dating a 20 yr old girl)it's not me by the way)
  • Age is just a number it doesnt matter unless you are under we will say about 17
  • To the point where its legal.:D
  • At my age most everyone on here is younger than me. The big difference is older men we like to think we still have it and a lot of us do. I know my fire is not out by a long ways! We would love to have a cute young woman to be in a relationship with. But the young ladies don't want to have much if anything to do with us older guys or even those 10 to 12 years older. Those of us who can afford to do so, and I ain't one of em, are called "sugar daddys" then the young ladies will have a great interest. So age matters more to women than to men in a relationship.
  • As a woman who likes younger guys one of my pet peeves would be sex. I want him to be able to perform without the use of drugs. So if I ever had to find another mate he would be younger. When he gets to be 50 or 60 I could understand Viagra, but at 35 he should be able to do it own his own (LOL). I know what I like.
  • i think it matters as much as you're willing to let it matter...if that makes sense ;)

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