• No, as long as they teach it as just one of many theories, and also explore the other thoeries equally.
  • Replacing it with what? Public schools should not be repositories of religious theory. If parents want their children to be taught religious creationism, they should send their children to private religious schools.
  • no . the kids can decide for themselves if they truely believe in their religion that shouldnt be a problem .. the teachers arent forcing them to believe in evolution
  • evolution is real in the plant and animal kingdom. when evolution is applied to humans is when things get sticky. but if you look at people, their shapes and character remind you of animals sometimes. so evolution of humans might be true, too. havent you seen people who look like gorillas? and what about BigFoot...half animal half human. evolution should be taught as one of the many possible answers to the way humans have gotten to this place in time.

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