• That depends on the jurisdiction.
  • It all depends on the judge, the manner & circumstance of the offense, & the time between getting caught. In FL, the 3rd time in mandatory 5 yrs in prison & you NEVER get your license back.
  • If the person is an American citizen not engaged in commerce nothing should happen to him or her as no crime has been committed. It is a Constitutional Right to travel the public roads by automobile without state permits unless you give up that right by applying for and signing a license, hence converting your right into a privilege. Check out the United States Code and Hassell vs State. Many of our Constitutional Rights are being violated daily because we do not know the law, and accept whatever we are told the rules to be. Do some homework and save your fourth offender the ordeal of having a RIGHT CONVERTED INTO A CRIME. .
  • Bad, bad, things.
  • They are usually on their way to jail and sometime prison

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