• He sent me the hottest pizza delivery girl I have ever seen a few days ago and I didn't hit on her. I was tired and hungry
  • non because he hasn't inspired me.
  • All the time he'd given me yesterday, and i did nothing with it.
  • Choosing not to read my Bible... if the Bible is really the inspired Words of God to us, why DON'T we read it? Saying we don't need to worry about the "data" and we just need to love God is a very unhumble view considering it was God who supplied us with that "data." How arrogant are we... am I... that the only time we choose to open the WORD OF GOD (the Creator of the Universe and my VERY BEING) is on Sundays and Wednesdays. If we really believe God is who we SAY He is, I believe it would be worthwhile to take a long time to listen or read. And if we believe God is who we say He is, would we continue to do the things we do? I would say not... I would suggest that the inspiration that we choose to ignore everyday is the Divine words of Scripture. Hope this helps! God bless

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